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Tony Cobb Productions

Tony Cobb

Tony Cobb is an accomplished keyboardist, producer, composer and arranger. He has shared his musical gift with many churches and stages all over the United States and Europe. Using a pallet which is both rhythmic and melodic, Tony connects the music, the artist and the audience in an incredibly meaningful experience.

Music, like air is essential to Tony’s life. He brings high energy and extreme focus to every project. Whether Tony is making the Keyboard sing, producing other artist, composing new music, or giving some overly familiar piece a new arrangement with a contemporary flair, Tony Cobb is a master of professionalism in the studio and live performances.

Tony is always in search of the perfect sound. Believing in hard work and understanding the importance of discipline, Tony is committed to satisfying the needs of his clients. He is a tour guide on a musical journey for both the artist and audience.

As Tony continues to pursue his musical career, He is also owner and CEO of Record Label, MSM “Maursound Music” and Cobbtone Music Publishing. His latest endeavor is becoming Chief Audio Engineer of his very own sound Company.

You have not heard the last of him yet!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to successfully utilize the talents of singers and songwriters across the country and around the world, producing and recording high quality music in Gospel, R&B, Contemporary and Jazz etc. We will maintain a presence in the entertainment industry through music production and recording, sales and promotion, distribution of compact disc, studio, livesound and Lighting. The Label will own all recording masters, copyrights, publishing and licenses of its products. Maursound Music L.L.C. and its Artist will uphold the integrity and quality of our work, create a revenue stream and pledge to give our talents back to the community.

Artistic Vision

The Artistic Vision of Maursound Music LLC is to show the most creativity in our music production and vocal arrangements. Our music will be on the cutting edge of technology with the sounds and instrumentation used in our product. Our lyrics will convey a message that will encourage, inspire and motivate our listening audience. It is extremely important for our signed artist to make a connection with their audience to create an unforgettable musical experience. The company as a whole is to always have an open ear to the feedback of people who experience the sounds of our artist.


Tony Cobb
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